Start line of Maldives Blindsoccer !

2017年2月19日 15:13 <Abdulla Masood>
hello coach
haalu kihineh
im going to introduce blind soccer in the maldives
i need your help to find ball

2017年2月19日 15:57 <Toru Saito>
Blind soccer balls selling in Japan seem to be sold only at the Japan Football Association.
I have tried various searching on the web now, but it seems to be made in Spain.
The price is 5616 yen per piece.
However, it can not be sold out and available.
If you tell me your position of the Maldives Disabled Association, I will consult with the Japanese Football Association once.
And please tell me the history of blind football in the Maldives and the future plan of enlightenment.

2017年2月19日 15:59 <Abdulla Masood>
My position in Blind and visually impaired society is consultant in sports (Volunteer). Till now we not play blind soccer here in the Maldives. We are planning to introduce blind soccer here.
Our future plan is to participate Paralympic 2020 Tokyo. Now I’m training only athletics for blind.

2017年4月7日 18:47 <Toru Saito>
Masood, I am sorry I did not contact you for a long time.
I tried asking various departments, but I did not get a reply.
Looking at the web of the Japan Blind Football Association after a long absence, the sold out balls began to be sold again. This is good news.
So I ordered one because it was reservation sale. In May it will arrive at hand.
I will send it to you as soon as possible, so please tell me the address of Masood at Male

2017年4月8日 13:09 <Abdulla Masood>
Thank you Coach. I also trying very hard to get reply various departments. Now i got reply from denmark they are ready to supply balls and other materials.
My Postal Address is:- Lot no. 10395. Ground Floor. Hulhumale. Zip Code: 20057 Phone: +960 7943177

2017年6月22日 <Toru Saito>
My high school student wrote a message on the ball.
These students are 17 years old, it means 2nd grader in Japanese high school.
In 1990 when I had returned to Japan from Maldives, Masood was 17 years old, isn’t it.
Please wait a little more. I will send this ball to Maldives.
Please be looking forward to it.

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